The best of its category

Whether to attract people to an event or to satisfy your own needs, McGREGOR's simulator offers a full-fledged racing experience.


Train like a professional with this top-of-the-line racing simulator.

In association with D-Box

We work with the best suppliers to provide the ultimate immersive experience. The simulator is powered by D-Box technologies in order to match its movements with those that your car makes inside the game.

Drift-ready handbrake and shifter

Whether you prefer drifting or street racing, be at the top of your game.

Professional pedals

Our pedal system is inspired by those found in professional racing cars to offer pure realism while you live a full immersion.


Advanced Technology D-Box
Pedals (many options) Clutch, brake and gas
Handbrake (many options) Heusinkveld - Drift style
Shifter (many options) Thrustmaster, 7 Speed Gear
Steering Wheel (many options) Thrustmaster
Lateral Movement 53 inches
Vertical Movement 6 inches
Virtual Reality System Oculus Rift
Display Options (many options) Up to 3 screens

6 Actuators

4 actuators that provide 6 inches of vertical movement. 2 actuators that provide 53 inches of lateral movement.


Contact us to learn more about the customization options.

3 driving modes

Manual, automatic and paddle shift gearboxes are available.

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