Limited production

This high performance UTV is a tuned version of the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS and is built at the request of the customer. Every copy has its own plate of authenticity with its serial number.


McGREGOR works hard to deliver one of the best product on the market. Be sure to impress all your friends with the turbo version of 350HP.

McGREGOR Suspension

In collaboration with ELKA, McGREGOR’s engineers developed a new heavy duty suspension. Since it was a big success for races, this technology was implemented in McGREGOR’s Side by Side.


McGREGOR added a unique drift-style handbrake. Enhance your drifting skills and have fun experiencing a new way to push yourself to another level.


This high-performance UTV is equipped with Lazer lights that greatly improve visibility. Those LED lights are also used by many motorsport professionals.


Side by side McGREGOR
Engine Liquid-cooled DOHC inline three-cylinder; 12 valves
Turbo McGREGOR’s high-performance turbo boosts the engine to 350hp
Radiator Located at the back to provide optimal engine temperature
Suspension Custom made by McGREGOR’s engineers
Protection Cage Designed by McGREGOR
Roof Made of aluminum
Side Impact Protection System Designed by McGREGOR
Seats OMP THE-R Racing seats for ultimate comfort and performance
Seatbelt 4 points harness
Wheels 14 or 15 inches
Exhaust Complete McGREGOR exhaust system

Protection cage

In addition to offer a unique design, McGREGOR’s ultra-resistant cage provides optimal security.


The wheels are specially designed for off-road and offer outstanding handling. Choose among our different models.

Customable design

Personalize your UTV with a unique McGREGOR design.

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